Saturday, November 16, 2013

WAYPOINTS (The City of Calgary) What folks are saying...

WAYPOINTS (The City of Calgary) What folks are saying...
I’m sure that everyone who got to enjoy WAYPOINTS on the Big Screen will remember the experience for some time to come.

Here are a few comments we received from WAYPOINTS (Calgary) fans:

“The locations were fantastic……lots of fun to dream about.” – John E.

“Like all Confluence movies… some of the best made.” - Don P.

“One of the very best - really enjoyed it....” – Gerry T.

“The stuff of dreams.” - Ron S.

There have also been a couple of reviews written recently.

- Angler’s Tonic

“I’m not going to go further with this. I want you to see this premiere tomorrow without knowing all that’s going to happen. I want you to be stunned and amazed and I think you will be. My only warning: if you’re the jealous type, you’ll feel a little pain watching all these people who aren’t you, having all the fun.”

Read review here:

- Kirk Deeter, Fly Talk, Field & Stream

“But as a writer, I can't help but reserve a deeper level of appreciation for quality words that capture the essence of not only the action, but also the culture. I like [fly fishing films] wrapped in themes, and I like them to have substance. Most of all I like them to inspire. Which is exactly why ‘Waypoints’ impressed me deeply.”

Read review here:

WAYPOINTS from Confluence Films
— at Cardel Theatre.

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