Monday, November 4, 2013

Not familiar with the Confluence Films style? Read on!

Not familiar with the Confluence Films style? Read on!

“WAYPOINTS” ‘World Premiere’ (Calgary) Nov 08 2013

Those readers who are not familiar with Confluence Films' style of fly fishing films might find it useful to read a few reviews of its previous films.

We’ve managed to dig up several reviews of ‘DRIFT’ and ‘CONNECT’. Enjoy the read!


“Find interesting people in interesting places and tell the stories through strong cinematography and narrative, and you get Drift, a fly fishing film that hits its mark.” - Fishing Jones

"Quite simply, the movie rocked!” - Michael Gracie Blog

"From a variety of gauges, [Drift] may be the best pure fly-fishing film constructed. Drift is a product that raises the technical standard for angling films while infusing the faithful with an intense desire to travel farther and fish more. That should be quite enough. - Charlie Meyers - Denver Post (Read review here


“When a film combines exotic locales and hungry fish, you get fly fishing tourism. Weave in a carefully cultivated soundtrack, and it becomes entertainment. Examine not just angling culture, but that of the destinations, and you have documentary. Roll the story with superb cinematography and it borders on art.” – Michael Gracie, MidCurrent Fly Fishing News (Read review here:

“Connect: What do you know. A video with a message. I’ve watched the film several times since the premier and I like it more each time I do so. What it really comes down to is an acknowledgment by its creators, and a direction of the narrative that demonstrates the thrill of the trip, the pursuit and the capture of fish and, equally, the connection between angler and fish, angler and place, and, especially, the partnership of anglers. – Gregg Thomas, Angler’s Tonic (Read review here:

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