Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's stop wasting water before shortages force us to

Let's stop wasting water before shortages force us to

by Karin Klassen, for the Calgary Herald, July 27, 2015 

One can’t help but notice, in this particularly hot, spectacular summer in Calgary, how water shortages are wreaking havoc on communities elsewhere. 

“Ugly year leaves many crops dying and left dead in fields,” reads one B.C. headline, where parched forests are tinder to lightning fires that are ravaging the province. “Dry conditions bring need to conserve but also lead to much finger pointing,” reads another, where signs of green lawns pit whistle-blowing neighbour against water-ban-shirking, garden-greedy neighbour in Vancouver. 

And then there’s California. When it gets bad, it gets bad fast.

So how does the water supply fare in Calgary? Is this imminent? Is there something we should be doing to avoid this fate? 

We can answer these questions with some degree of certainty, thanks to an unlikely soothsayer.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Skagit Spey Casting Clinic with Tim Arsenault (Calgary) - July 25

Out Fly Fishing Outfitters Fly Shop AKA West Winds Fly Shop is very excited to be hosting another Skagit Spey Casting Clinic with Tim Arsenault on July 25th. Tim is Canada's top ranked Spey Caster and a 2 time Spey O Rama (World Championship) finalist, but more importantly a phenomenal instructor and a great guy.

This is a 5hr on the water Skagit Spey Casting Clinic that is perfect for the new or intermediate spey caster looking to fine tune their spey casting techniques. This course will focus on the fundamental concepts behind Spey Casting and the application of these techniques in fishing casts.

Saturday July 25th
Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm
Place: Bow River, Calgary AB (meet at the shop at 10:00am. 9919 Fairmount Dr SE)
Cost; $150

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bow River - CPAWS presentation - Wed Jul 22, 7pm - Preregistration Required

Water - what could be more essential to life? Find out just how much fresh water there really is on our planet. Learn about our connection to the water we know personally, the Bow River, and the ways in which we use it. Find out what we put into our water. Learn how you can help contribute to looking after the liquid source of life that flows through our city. Join CPAWS for the Bow River Water Program at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

 "We're so excited for the CPAWS Bow River presentation this evening! Have you registered yet? If not, all the info and registration is below!" @glenbowranch CPAWS Southern Alberta

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Monday, July 20, 2015

And The Winners Are…

Jim Bartschi, President of Scott Rods is all smiles after wining both – Best salt water rod & Best of Show categories with the new Scott Meridian. Photo, courtesy, Angling Trade

Angling Trade writes: "People often ask me how I feel about the state of the fly-fishing market. There’s no easy answer for such a complex question. But here’s some food for thought. One of the most reliable indicators of the “health” of the industry is on display, once a year, at the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show, in the form of the New Product Showcase. I’ve seen the tide ebb and flow. “Up” years indicate that the manufacturers are investing in research and product development. Some companies (usually the big ones) make that a priority all the time. But the companies that are living hand-to-mouth don’t have that luxury. They must make money to invest, and so on.

This year’s New Product Showcase featured nearly 250 products, literally hundreds more than I have seen in the past. It was an impressive collection of very sound, smart designs. The big hitters like Far Bank, Orvis, and Simms went large. Pure Fishing is pressing reintroductions of icons like the Pflueger Medalist reel, and Fenwick (and Hardy) rods. And a number of smaller, niche players really made statements. That tells me the doldrums from a few years ago are gone, and there is optimism looking forward. You have good reason, as a retailer, to share that optimism, and check these things out."

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Here are the winners, in every category from the show:

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Making of a Marlin

Costa Brings Kick Plastic Message to ICAST, Commissions Nine Foot Tall Marlin Sculpture Made of Ocean Trash

Costa Sunglasses commissioned a sculpture made entirely out of Pacific Ocean trash collected from the beaches of Oregon to exemplify the problem of plastic waste in our oceans.

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And here:

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Southern Alberta trout streams threatened despite recovery plan, says survey

A new survey of trout streams in southwest Alberta suggests that virtually all of them are threatened by industrial development or overuse. Bull trout like the one pictured here have lost more than 70 per cent of their historic waters. Photo, courtesy Kevin Turner / The Canadian Press

Southern Alberta trout streams threatened despite recovery plan, says survey

by Bob Weber, Calgary Herald/The Canadian Press, July 12, 2015

EDMONTON — Virtually all southern Alberta streams that spawn native trout are threatened by industrial development or overuse, says a survey from a respected fisheries biologist.

That’s even though both bull and rainbow trout are protected under federal law and are supposed to be benefiting from a recovery plan, says Lorne Fitch.

“I have watched habitat and fish populations crater,” says Fitch, an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary, who spent 35 years as a leading provincial biologist. “All of our systems are under extreme pressure.”

Fitch studied 54 small rivers and streams that flow into the Oldman River and hold bull and cutthroat trout. He found nearly every one of the waterways face multiple pressures: from logging roads to energy development to off-highway vehicle trails.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

CREEKFEST 2015 (Calgary) - July 19

CREEKFEST 2015 (Calgary) - July 19

This free one-day celebration of water in Fish Creek Provincial Park is an important component to the Friends’ Watershed Public Awareness Campaign, designed to inform and inspire community members to take actions to protect and preserve our water. Creekfest is now on Alberta Parks Day! Creekfest provides a great opportunity to learn about water conservation and protection in Fish Creek Provincial Park. 

Juno-Award winning Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales will be returning to Creekfest for the 5th year!

We are pleased to welcome back award-winning theatre troupe Parks Canada’s Mountain WIT, and Coyote Kids Theatre, who will perform The Muskrat’s Tail, a fun and innovative look into the world of water loving mammals. 

More info and schedule here:

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Southern Alberta's rivers face high threats to overall health

A fisherman in the Bow River under the Glenmore Trail bridge, a popular spot for fly-fishing in Calgary in May 2014. Photo, courtesy Crystal Schick / Calgary Herald

Southern Alberta's rivers face high threats to overall health

by Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald, July 7, 2015

A report on Canada’s watersheds suggests the threats to rivers in southern Alberta — including the Bow River through Calgary — are high.

The assessment, released Tuesday by the World Wildlife Fund, shows pollution, habitat fragmentation and overuse of water are the top threats to the Saskatchewan River watersheds. It includes the Red Deer River, Bow River and the Oldman River.

“The health of Canada’s fresh water is a hugely important issue to Canadians,” said David Miller, chief executive officer for WWF. “Our goal as an organization is to help all of Canada’s water be in good condition by 2025.”

To that end, they are looking at the health of Canada’s 25 major watersheds and assessing them on four indicators of water health — flow, quality, fish and bugs — and seven indicators of threats to aquatic ecosystems: pollution, climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation, overuse of water, alteration of flows, and invasive species.

They’ve created an interactive tool on 12 of the watersheds so far to help people learn more about the one they live in and find ways to ensure there’s safe and clean water for future generations.

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Check out interactive tool here:

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Today along the Bow River - July 2015

High today 28°C, smoke, wind avg 10, max 24.

Bow River at Banff 67 cms
Bow River at Calgary flow 96 cms
Bow River below Carseland 74 cms

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Today along the Bow River - July 2015

High today 29°C, Scattered Clouds, wind avg 9, max 36.

Bow River at Banff 61 cms
Bow River at Calgary flow 96 cms
Bow River below Carseland 74 cms

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Home Town - La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Lynn and Iris Riese's beautiful log home. Photo, courtesy Tammy Cook-Searson

My Home Town - La Ronge, Saskatchewan ‪#‎skfire‬

The area that I grew up in has been much in the news in recent days as a result of wild fires. 

A 'mandatory evacuation' order was issued late this afternoon for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (La Ronge), Town of La Ronge and Village of Air Ronge.

Anyone interested in following these events can check in at the FB pages of Tammy Cook-Searson, Chief of the LLRIB and Thomas Sierzycki, Mayor of La Ronge. Another very informative site is La Ronge & Area Rez News

- Michelle

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hoot Owl Fly Fishing - 12 Midnight to 2:00 pm Only

Seasons of Brown Trout - Summer Drought from JensenFlyFishing on Vimeo.

Jensen Fly Fishing writes: "In the video above – we are at the place of fish struggling to find oxygen, to find a comfort zone. We are well into drought and the heat is having impact. Fast forward to 3:55 of this video and that’s exactly where we are. (PLEASE NOTE: drought similarly impacts all trout, not just brown trout)."

Hoot Owl Fly Fishing - 12 Midnight to 2:00 pm Only

Our current hot dry weather and warm water conditions are generating many posts about the state of the fishery in our local waters, as well as those further afield.

A post earlier this week on Moldy Chum featured a video from the Truckee River in Northern California/Nevada where local fly fishers banded together to launch their own "hoot-owl" closures - no fishing from 2:00 pm to midnight.

Today, officials in Montana imposed mandatory "hoot owl" closures on a number of rivers, including the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark Fork, Big Hole, Jefferson and others. 

Over on Vancouver Island, the B.C. government today issued fishing bans on rivers from Bamfield to Victoria on the west coast, and from Campbell River to Victoria on the east coast. 

Closer to home, we have:

"TUC Concerned About Low Water and Rising Temps" from Trout Unlimited Canada |

"Consideration: Warm Water Angling Restrictions on our Trout Streams" from Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine |

and good advice from Fish Tales Fly Shop as their contribution to this week's "Alberta Fishing Forecast July 2 – 5, 2015" |
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

TUC Stampede Breakfast - July 07

Trout Unlimited California invites you to join us at our Calgary Office, Suite #160 6712 Fisher Street S.E., on the morning of Tuesday July 7th from 7:30-10:30 for some delicious pancakes and refreshments served up by our staff and volunteers in support of conservation!

All that is required is a hearty appetite and a minimum $2.00 donation. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015