Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's stop wasting water before shortages force us to

Let's stop wasting water before shortages force us to

by Karin Klassen, for the Calgary Herald, July 27, 2015 

One can’t help but notice, in this particularly hot, spectacular summer in Calgary, how water shortages are wreaking havoc on communities elsewhere. 

“Ugly year leaves many crops dying and left dead in fields,” reads one B.C. headline, where parched forests are tinder to lightning fires that are ravaging the province. “Dry conditions bring need to conserve but also lead to much finger pointing,” reads another, where signs of green lawns pit whistle-blowing neighbour against water-ban-shirking, garden-greedy neighbour in Vancouver. 

And then there’s California. When it gets bad, it gets bad fast.

So how does the water supply fare in Calgary? Is this imminent? Is there something we should be doing to avoid this fate? 

We can answer these questions with some degree of certainty, thanks to an unlikely soothsayer.

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