Monday, April 30, 2012

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

Bumpy water ahead! At 22X boat launch this morning.  Someone was mixed up.  It's April 30, not April 01. :-)  All photos: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved

These were absolutely the only fishers at Mac at mid-day.

The Importance of Water and Its Conservation in Calgary - May 02 2012

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Environmental Rules Should Be Better, Not Easier

Environmental Rules Should Be Better, Not Easier

David Suzuki
April 25 2012

Few people would argue against making environmental review processes and regulations more efficient—as long as they’re effective. But changes announced in the recent federal budget don’t do that. Instead, they make it easier for the federal government and industry to push through projects that could harm the environment and the economy, and limit the ability of ordinary Canadian citizens to have a say in matters of national importance.

Based on the budget announcement you’d think delays and duplication in the environmental review process are the biggest issues. They’re not. As the Pembina Institute points out, the equivalent of one major oil sands mine has been approved in each of the past five years, and the pace is increasing. Some people, including former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed, suggest we’d benefit by slowing down—for economic and environmental reasons. When there are setbacks in the review process, they’re often caused by industry’s reluctance to provide timely data or by a lack of capacity within the government itself. The latter is getting worse as funding for basic monitoring and enforcement is subject to further cuts.

Eliminating environmental reviews for some projects altogether, shifting responsibility to the provinces, and severely cutting back on staff and agencies that provide management and information are not ways to make processes more efficient; they’re ways to accelerate approval of major projects, making the short-term interests of industry a higher priority than protecting the air, land, and water we all need to stay healthy.

Looking back along the Bow River - Season 2011

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

Calgary Hook & Hackle Club 'River Clean Up' at Police.  
All photos: Copyright Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved 2012

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A new season is about to get underway - for both fly fishers and farmers. :-)

Harvie passage opening soon

Kayakers navigate through the waves flowing through the Harvie 
Passage, formerly known as the weir, on July 27, 2011.
Photograph by: Colleen De Neve, Calgary Herald

Bow River's Harvie Passage beckons paddlers

'Drowning machine' gets tamed

By Amanda Stephenson,
Calgary Herald
April 16, 2012

When the Harvie Passage opens to kayakers and rafters this year, it will mark the beginning of a new chapter for Calgary's paddling com-munity.

It's hoped it will also mark the end of a century's worth of tragedies caused by a weir that earned a reputation as the "drowning machine."

The Harvie Passage - a $17-million project by the Parks Foundation Calgary - is a series of man-made pools and rapids on the Bow River, just downstream of the Calgary Zoo.

The project hasn't removed the weir, constructed in 1904 to divert some of the flow to an irrigation canal and replaced several times since. A concrete structure still stretches across the river. Now a series of steps slows the pace at which water flows over the barrier and lessens the drop, eliminating the dangerous hydraulic action that claimed the lives of 14 people over the past century.

Harvie passage opening soon

News Hour - Global News

Thu, Apr 5 : Calgary's weir is ready to be transformed into the new Harvie Passage. It will open within the month, on schedule and on budget.

Here we go again! Fish Habitat Protection Will Soon Be History

The Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, at Chapman Mills Conservation Area in Ottawa on April 24, 2012. Alongside Minister Ashfield are Dr. Terry Quinney (left), Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters; James Brennan, Ducks Unlimited Canada; M.P. Pierre Poilievre, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities; Minister Ashfield; and Andrea Barnett, Ducks Unlimited Canada.

"The legal protection for fish habitat has been completely eliminated." Jessica Clogg, executive director and senior lawyer for West Coast Environmental Law

Harper Government Commits to the Responsible Protection and Conservation of Canada’s Fisheries

April 24, 2012

Ottawa, Ontario- The Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, announced that the Harper government will introduce changes to protect the productivity of recreational, commercial and Aboriginal fisheries. This means focusing protection rules on real and significant threats to these fisheries and the habitat that supports them while setting clear standards and guidelines for routine projects. It also means strengthening partnerships with provinces and conservation groups as well as creating better tools to ensure compliance and enforce the rules where necessary.

“Our government is committed to adopting a more sensible and practical approach to protecting Canada’s fisheries and making sure they are productive and sustainable for future generations,” said Minister Ashfield.

“We have been clear that the current rules governing the protection of fish habitat are indiscriminate and unfocused and do not reflect the priorities of Canadians,” continued Minister Ashfield. “We are committed to making sure our rules protect the fisheries that Canadians value and the habitat that supports them. We can do this while giving Canadians the freedom to maintain their properties and minimizing restrictions on everyday activities that have little to no impact on Canada’s fisheries.”

Under the Fisheries Act, no distinction is drawn between the vital waterways, lakes and rivers that support Canada’s fisheries and small bodies of water that may not even be home to fish. For example, under the current system, drainage ditches, man made reservoirs and irrigation channels are subject to the same rules and guidelines as rivers, lakes, and oceans that support fish and local fisheries.

"The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) agrees that Canada's fish habitat protection policies need to be improved and we are encouraged by the government's commitment to the conservation of Canada's recreational fisheries” said Dr. Terry Quinney, Provincial Manager of Fish and Wildlife Services. We are convinced that with the participation of stakeholders like the OFAH and others across the country, that better protection and enhancement of our fisheries, habitat and aquatic ecosystems can be achieved. We look forward to working with the Minister and Government of Canada on these important issues."

“Our government recognizes that Canada’s fisheries are important to Canadians. We simply want the rules to focus on these priorities and ensure our fisheries continue to be protected,” said the Minister.

According to the most recent survey on recreational fishing in Canada, recreational fishing generates approximately $8.3 billion of economic activities to local economies across Canada. Approximately 3.3 million Canadians take part in recreational fisheries and the industry brings over 2 million tourists into the country every year. Fish and seafood is one of the largest single food commodities exported by Canada. The commercial fishing, aquaculture and processing sectors employ about 80,000 Canadians. The Government also recognizes the importance of fishing to the Aboriginal people of Canada and will continue to respect Aboriginal and treaty rights and protect food, social and ceremonial fisheries.

Looking back along the Bow River - Season 2011

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

Read for launch at Police this morning.  
Photo: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved 2012

Doomed advisory panel calls for water charter

Photograph by: Cate Gillon , Getty Images

"Environment Minister Peter Kent will be left with fewer resources to address the challenges following a federal budget that slashed millions of dollars of funding in his department's budget for research and monitoring and well as for partnerships to engage stakeholders to adopt greener practices.

The round table, established by the Mulroney government in the 1980s, was among the victims of the cuts, learning in the budget that it would lose all of its funding and be shut down within the coming months." - Mike De Souza

Doomed advisory panel calls for water charter

By Mike De Souza,
Postmedia News
Calgary Herald
April 19, 2012

OTTAWA — An independent research and advisory panel that learned it would be killed in last month's federal budget is recommending dramatic actions from governments to protect Canada's water, including a new charter, better research and pricing of the resource.

The recommendations, made in one of the final reports produced by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, come as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has introduced plans to weaken federal oversight of industrial development, while musing about softening existing tools such as the Fisheries Act.

The panel issued the report, entitled Moving to Action, following the discussions of industry and academic stakeholders at a conference in January.

"There was clear consensus among the experts and participants at the Forum that now is the time to begin acting on many of our recommendations for better water governance, exploring the use of water pricing and investing in water-use forecasting and data," said a joint statement from the advisory's president, David McLaughlin, and its vice-chairman, Robert W. Slater.

"Participants felt so strongly about the importance of these issues, they developed a new recommendation to create a charter affirming the legitimacy of collaborative water governance processes."

Yah, Brown Trout

Looking back along the Bow River - Season 2011

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Getting ready for a two day trip down the Bow River.  
Photo: Copyright Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

Almost ready for a Friday mid-afternoon float trip. These shuttle clients have a cool tandem pontoon boat.  Photo: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved 2012

Drift Boat Presentation - Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club

All photos: Copyright ©  Bow River Shuttles 2012

The Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club organized a Drift Boat Presentation earlier this week.

Despite the cool rainy weather, a number of members turned out to take advantage of hearing directly from several fly fishing guides who were on hand with their drift boats.

Thanks to President Mary Zolmer for organizing the event, and for bringing along hot coffee and hot dogs for everyone.

Thanks also for Fish Tales Fly Shop co-owner Nancy Storwick for recruiting the fly fishing guides. And to the guides Doug, Mike and Todd for donating their time and expertise!

Snowbee/Beulah & Rio - Demo Weekend

Sat/Sun Apr 28/29 (11:00 am – 4:00 pm): Snowbee/ Beulah Demo Weekend

Join us the weekend of April 28/29 from 11am to 4pm at the Shop. Come cast some of the new Fly / Switch/ Spey rods, lines, reels from Snowbee/ Beulah. Courtney Ogilvie from Nile Creek Fly shop will be demonstrating and allowing you to cast and learn about new products .

If you are thinking of purchasing a new fly outfit, come try these new rods, and lines, before you purchase your new outfit, the Quality is Excellent, Life time warrantys, and the fly lines are amazing, these lines are the best quality out there. Come see for yourself. If you are struggling with your cast or accuracy stop by for some help.

There will be a door prize for best accurate cast, that’s right ONE cast allowed, also a free Hamburger and if you are bringing the cake, cake as well.

April 29 sign up for a casting/ fishing lesson with Courtney 12 pm - 3 pm . $70.00 ea.

Sun April 29 (1:00 pm – 3:00 pm): Single Hand Tune Up and Rio Distance Casting Event

Location: Southwood Community Centre, Calgary, AB

Please join us for our second year of this fun and competitive event. Rio’s area sales representative, Ruben Breitkrutz will be in town to moderate the distance casting portion of the event and to provide some casting tips to participants.

If you're not interested in competing you may still want to come out for the event.... This year David Blair and Terry Johnson will be on-site to provide casting tips to anyone looking to fine tune their cast. David, Terry, and Ruben are all certified fly casting instructors – we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from guys who really know their stuff!

This is also a great chance to test drive several different rods. We’ll be bringing a number of rods along for folks to try including selections from Sage, GLoomis, Temple Fork, and more.

We will be hosting this event on dry land so you’ll only be focused on your cast.

Simms Shoot Out - "Bending the Big Sky" FISHBITE MEDIA

This is the last of four films that were submitted to the Simms Shoot Out competition. Now you get the chance to crown the People's Choice. View and vote today! Voting ends on Sunday.

Looking back along the Bow River - Season 2011

Photo: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

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Photo: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved 2012

Simms Shoot Out - "Lights Out" SWIFT CURRENT PRODUCTIONS

This is the second of four films that were submitted to the Simms Shoot Out competition. Now you get the chance to crown the People's Choice. View and vote today!

Pipelines and Streamlined Environmental Reviews

Heiltsuk First Nation elders lead a rally, March 26th, against the Enbridge Pipeline through downtown Vancouver to the Art Gallery.  Ward Perrin / Postmedia News

In another pipeline related story last week, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said environmental reviews of energy and mining projects will be streamlined. He certainly had the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in mind. However, a former Enbridge executive warms that this many result in some unintended consequences.

New rules may hinder Enbridge pipeline, ex-official says

Jeffrey Jones,
Financial Post
Apr 19, 2012

CALGARY – A government move to limit regulatory review of Enbridge Inc‘s Northern Gateway oil pipeline to Canada’s West Coast will only add to the company’s own missteps in dealing with aboriginal communities on the pipeline route and may raise more legal obstacles, a former Northern Gateway executive says.

Roger Harris, who was vice-president of aboriginal and community partnerships for Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines in 2008 and 2009, said the company has been inconsistent in its strategy as it tries to win over British Columbia native groups whose land the pipeline would cross. He said that has helped fuel some of the fierce opposition to the $5.5-billion project that has arisen.

Harris also said the company missed early opportunities to build business relationships in some communities, including investing in independent power projects they had planned.

Many native groups, often called first nations, say they fear that construction and operation of the pipeline will threaten traditional ways of life and leave their territories and coastal waters at risk of oil spills. Some have said court actions are a certainty if it is approved.

Looking back along the Bow River - Season 2011

Seeing double.  Photo: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simms Shoot Out - "Untitled" DETONATION STUDIOS

The Simms 2012 Shoot Out videography contest in Bozeman, Montana was held at this year's ICE OUT Guide Event from April 16-18, 2012. Videographers hit the water in Montana with the West's best fishing guides. The culmination was the Shoot Out competition held on April 19 at the Willson Auditorium in Bozeman, MT. Sponsored by Costa and The Drake Magazine, the Shoot Out is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates fly fishing filmmaking and the fishing guide.

Now is your time to vote for the People's Choice Award for this year's Shoot Out. The winner will receive a pair of Costa glasses, a Drake Magazine Hoody and a Galvan fly reel.

Here are this year's films. You have until Sunday, April 29th at midnight MST to vote for your favorite film.

Amy Thiessen - Ironwood Stage & Grill, Thursday April 26

Ironwood Stage & Grill
THURSDAY APRIL 26 Amy Thiessen

"Amy Thiessen's new CD is an hypnotic mix of rhythms, both musical and spiritual… a hook-laden album that makes you think and move."
-Russell Bowers (CBC Radio)

Uniting. Conjoining. The pairing of spiritual and physical well-being. In its purest form, yoga is an uncomplicated doctrine. It only makes sense that someone would eventually amalgamate yoga with the divine powers of music.

With her debut independent full-length Give Up The Fight, Calgary, Alberta-based singer/songwriter Amy Thiessen is that soul. Bringing about a musical equivalent to the liberation and soul-satisfying power of this ages-old philosophy, her intensely personal music is steeped in soul-fed folk intertwined with a vast array of styles varying from outright rock to ancient mantras.

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

Earlier this evening at dusk, just after the rain shower.  Photo: Copyright © Bow River Shuttles 2012

Floats, Walk & Wade Trips, Fly Tying Class & Lot of Great Gear

A few days ago, we posted an announcement about the upcoming 2012 Auction at the Calgary Hook & Hackle Club.

Here is a lot more detail on all of the great items that are up for grabs in the Bucket Draws, Silent Auction and Live Auction.

Bow River Shuttles is donating a one day, full service, drift boat rental including vehicle shuttle, from Glenmore Trail to Policeman's Flats.

This message just in from our club's webmaster:

Hi All:

Just passing on some details about our up coming auction.

Thanks to our generous corporate and private sponsors we have an exciting collection of items for our silent auction and bucket is a sampling:

* a pair of SIMMS Wading pants (can exchange for your size)
* a Winston Rod - 6 weight with case
* an AMUNDSON Gear Bag
* an AMUNDSON Chest/Waist Pack
* a FISHPOND Chest/Waist Pack
* signed copy of one of Jim McLennan's books
* a beautiful fish net
* Rick Harding DVDs on fly tying
* Country Pleasures gift certificates
* SUPERFLY fly tying materials kit
* Fly boxes
* hand tyed fly collections
* portable propane campfire
* several pieces of art - some limited edition prints and more!!!!
* soft sided cooler bag and picnic kit

The bidding will be fierce so come early and bring your cheque book or cash.

And don't forget about the generous donation of three jam packed fly boxes full of flys tyed by Mike Corrigan - they will be auctioned off in the live auction portion of the evening.

I'll pass on more info as I get it.
Hook and Hackle Club Webedito

Looking back along the Bow River - Season 2011

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Today along the Bow River - April 2012

Fishing is going to the dogs. :-)  
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Pipelines and West Coast Oil Tankers

Oil tanker Monterey anchored off Cates Park in North Vancouver, B.C. on Monday, July 5, 2010. Roland Priddle, an economist and former chairman of the National Energy Board, concluded in a report that banning oil tanker traffic from B.C.'s coastal waters would mean "forfeiting a nationally important opportunity."
Photograph by: Glenn Baglo , PNG

Last week, several stories related to pipelines made the news. One was an unexpected announcement by Kinder Morgan on their expansion plans for their TransMountain pipeline into B.C.'s Lower Mainland.

Oilsands debate shifts to west coast

By Stephen Ewart,
Calgary Herald
April 20, 2012

The focal point of the oilsands debate, which moved from the pastoral U.S. Midwest to the pristine B.C. wilderness, has now shifted to the decidedly troubled waters off Canada's West Coast in response to a plan to ship more oil through the port at Vancouver.

The contentious proposals to pipe oilsands bitumen to the B.C. coast are predicated on moving the oil on tankers to Pacific Rim energy markets.

Amid strident opposition to the 525,000-barrela-day Northern Gateway pipeline plan by Enbridge Inc., rival Kinder Morgan surprised people this month by announcing a similar-sized expansion to its 300,000-barrel-a-day TransMountain pipeline into B.C.'s Lower Mainland.

Retrofitting the TransMountain line could be complete by 2017.

Either way, the spectre of hundreds of super tankers - a.k.a. Very Large Crude Carriers, or VLCCs, to the industry - off the B.C. Coast at Vancouver or the Queen Charlotte Islands has made the prospect of oil spills the latest focus of oilsands opponents.

Admittedly, the stakes - both environmental and economic - are high.