Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today along the Bow River

All Photos: Bow River Shuttles

fishing dog

Three ways a price has been put on Albertan water

Jeff McIntosh for The Globe and Mail

Renata D'Aliesio
Globe and Mail
Friday, Jul. 22, 2011

Water has become scarce in parts of Alberta, the nation’s fastest-growing province and its economic powerhouse. The predicament has sparked intense clashes in recent years and has spurred calls on the government to drastically change how it manages the vital resource.

You have to be perfect, as was the day

Photo Courtesy: Steve S.

The best fish was the one that got away. It was pure fun. It ripped through the fly line and into the backing line on the second run tailing off with a series of short runs and jumps. The line was bent below the water line on the short runs as the fish ran "off on a tangent" and you didn't know where it was going to come up next.

The water was up from last week, you'd think it was still June, and the clarity was only just over a foot. Didn't catch even one fish cruising in the boat. It was comfortable with the new cushioned seat I rigged up but I'd rather have been touch sore and catching fish. No. Had to stop and really work the holes. Even then only a couple three hook ups all through the morning and right at the 11 o'clock bite. Made sure again to set my watch by it.

The afternoon was great and stayed out a couple of extra hours to fish it. The two biggest fish were a 23 inch rainbow and a 25+ inch brown. The big brown came to the net a lot easier than I'd have thought and if not for the aerobatics of the one that got away I'd swear that it didn't get away after all and had come back to fight me one more time. Just for the fun of it.

A nice hatch of stone flies in the sunlit afternoon and stone flies were catching most of the trout. The shadows were lengthening and as I pushed through the last couple of clicks to the dock. The rocks on the upstream side of the dock at Policeman's create a nice breakwater that endures a few meters down river but makes the approach very difficult. A mixed blessing with the water so high and I unconsciously held my breath on entry. You have to be perfect, as was the day.

On the river 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM.

The Bow River
Glenmore Trail/Graves Landing to Policeman’s Flats
Thursday July 28 2011


Friday, July 29, 2011

A Staggered Start

Today at Mac.  Photo: Bow River Shuttles

Mighty Mike conquers Legacy Island takeout

Photo and Email credit - Jason Eggleton 
Click on photo for larger image

"he takes out at Jansen's when no one can...stay thirsty my friends."

Spray River water breach threatens trout population

Debris plug the Spray River near the junction with the Bow River in Banff, July 26, 2011.
Photograph by: Grant Black, Calgary Herald

Spray River water breach threatens trout population

Generator fails, water breaches spillway

By Cathy Ellis, For The Calgary Herald July 29, 2011

The cutthroat trout population in the Spray River could be wiped out due to dirty and unnaturally high water flows, in part the result of mechanical problems at a TransAlta hydroelectric facility near Canmore.

"Fish have evolved genetically for spring runoff, but as the (high stream flow) persists into mid-and late summer, this becomes an unnatural occurrence which fish are less able to tolerate," said Bill Hunt, resource conservation manager for Banff National Park.

"Obviously, the longer this goes on, the worse those odds are."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Volunteers Needed for Family Fun Day

Volunteers Needed for Laycock Park Family Fun Day 

 On Saturday August 27, 2011 Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC) in parternship with Encana will be holding a Family Fun Day at Laycock Park 750 Blackthorn Road NE, Calgary.

 TUC is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help run the various informational stations at this event. Volunteers are responsible for explaining their stations and assisting with the station specific activities such as, Fabulous Fish and Amazing Aquatic Invertebrates, Down the Drain, Fishy Escapades and Crazy Casting.  

 Each volunteer will be provided will the necessary information and materials to run their stations.

If you are interested in volunteering or need any further information please contact Lynn Robb TUC's Director of Conservation Education or 403-209-5181.

The Laycock Park Family Fun Day is brought to you by TUC's Yellow Fish Road Progam™ and Encana Corporation 


Thank you for your support of Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unilimited Canada                                           
Philip Rowley
Manager Marketing and Communications  

Tight Line

Photo: Bow River Shuttles

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RiverWalk Rocks – Sat July 30

Calgary act Miesha and the Spanks.
Photograph by: Riley Brandt

New street festival honours RiverWalk

Rock the ’Walk features music and artists

By Heath McCoy, Calgary Herald July 27, 2011

From Kensington’s Sun and Salsa Festival and Marda Loop’s Marda Gras to Inglewood’s Sunfest and the annual bash in Chinatown, Calgary has a tradition of fun-filled street festivals, held all over the city throughout the summer months.

This year, add Rock the ’Walk to that list.

Rather than celebrating a specific neighbourhood, however, this shindig — also planned as an annual event — will be held in honour of RiverWalk, the $10-million makeover of the city’s riverbanks.

RiverWalk is an urban promenade and cycling path that will wind four kilometres along the Bow and Elbow Rivers when finished.

Find more artists like Samantha Savage Smith at Myspace Music

Monday, July 25, 2011

Views from the Shuttle Van

Photo: Bow River Shuttles

Spray River and Upper Bow River

Here is a followup to yesterday's post regarding Goat Creek and Spray River.
Click on chart for larger image

July 25th, 2011:

Goat Creek Trail and vicinity: Effective immediately, the Goat Creek Trail is closed from the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Road (Highway 742) to its junction with the Spray River Trail in Banff National Park. The closure is due to structural damage to the Spray River bridge which has resulted from abnormally high flows due to water diversion by TransAlta Utilities. For further information regarding water flows, please contact TransAlta at 1-877-547-3365..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Parks concerned high flows harming fish

We’ve noticed a subtle change to the colour of the water in the Bow River over the past day or two. It’s still green, but with a cloudy appearance, similar to the ‘rock flower’ you see in alpine lakes and streams.

A search came up with the July 07 article below that appeared in the Rocky Mountain Outlook.

We wonder if there is a connection? If anyone reading this post has more information, we’d appreciate knowing.

Parks concerned high flows harming fish

Jul 07, 2011 11:49 am | CATHY ELLIS

Unnaturally high and dirty water levels in Goat Creek and Spray River has Banff National Park authorities concerned about harm being caused to fish and their habitat.

TransAlta has been diverting significant volumes of water into Goat Creek since June 3 following mechanical breakdowns and planned maintenance at the Spray hydroelectric facility.

Making matters worse, the power company now predicts large volumes of water will breach the spillway at Canyon Dam into Spray River by mid-July due to ongoing runoff and problems at the reservoir.

Parks Canada fears turbidity created by sediment being stirred up from the increased force of the flows will affect fish survival and destroy or alter habitat, such as holding areas.

“As a result of these increased flows and duration of flows, our concern is what could or will happen to the fish populations in the Goat, in the Spray and also in the Bow,” said Parks aquatics specialist Charlie Pacas.

“The Spray River is 40 kilometres from Canyon Dam to Bow Falls and the habitat may be changed to some degree as a result of all of this. We think fish populations may be affected.”

Local fishing guides are up in arms, too.

Protecting Our Water

Canadian Geographic’s ‘Annual Environment Issue’ hit the stands a few weeks ago.

This year’s topic is “Protecting Our Water”.

Check out ‘Water Ways’ for the stunning photos that won The Blue Water Photo Contest, sponsored by Canadian Geographic and the RBC Blue Water Project.

‘Rocking the boat’ profiles Monique Dube, Canadian Geographic’s ‘Environmental Scientist of the Year. Not surprising to learn that she is a water scientist.

A feature article ‘Snake Run’, about the battle over the Peel Watershed in the Yukon, is worth the price of this mag.

Best of all is ‘The Source of Life’, an Action Guide for saving a watershed, that contains ideas that each of us can apply right here in our own Bow River watershed.

Pick up your copy today. We found ours at the checkout stand at our local Safeway.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"I Do" at Mac

Click to enlarge. You'll be glad you did. :-)  Photo: Bow River Shuttles
A wedding party at McKinnon Flats today. Check out the cowboy boots, blue jeans and colourful sashes.Gotta love the wooden drift boat!

The trout were asleep for this hatch

Photo Courtesy: Kevin H.

First float of the year for me. Thank you very much for the shuttle and the Werthers; always a comfort at the end of a day.

Weather started off as over cast, and deteriorated into steady rain and wind.

Water level was very high and very fast; visibility was 2 feet at best.

Trying to maneuver a pontoon boat into the take out at Policeman’s Flats is nearly impossible due to the rapids right at the upstream edge; also the high/fast water, and my oar popping out of its oarlock, caused me to miss the take out. This presented a long walk through the brush carrying my pontoon boat back to my truck/trailer. It’s good to be fishing with a friend who can help ( and be helped) in these situations.

A massive hatch of what appeared to be green and brown mayflies (Drakes?) and lots of caddis flying around. The birds were gorging themselves on the bugs, the trout were asleep for this hatch.

I only got one fish all day, a strong fighting Rainbow about 16" who loved to display aerial acrobatics (photo attached).

The Bow River
Graves Landing/Glenmore Trail to Policeman’s Flats
Friday July 22 2011


Friday, July 22, 2011

Morning, Afternoon & Evening

Friday morning. Bow River flow rate: 195 cms. Near Policeman's Flats    
All Photos: Bow River Shuttles

Friday afternoon. Looking south from 22X towards McKinnon Flats

Friday evening. Carseland (Johnson's Island)