Friday, July 3, 2015

Hoot Owl Fly Fishing - 12 Midnight to 2:00 pm Only

Seasons of Brown Trout - Summer Drought from JensenFlyFishing on Vimeo.

Jensen Fly Fishing writes: "In the video above – we are at the place of fish struggling to find oxygen, to find a comfort zone. We are well into drought and the heat is having impact. Fast forward to 3:55 of this video and that’s exactly where we are. (PLEASE NOTE: drought similarly impacts all trout, not just brown trout)."

Hoot Owl Fly Fishing - 12 Midnight to 2:00 pm Only

Our current hot dry weather and warm water conditions are generating many posts about the state of the fishery in our local waters, as well as those further afield.

A post earlier this week on Moldy Chum featured a video from the Truckee River in Northern California/Nevada where local fly fishers banded together to launch their own "hoot-owl" closures - no fishing from 2:00 pm to midnight.

Today, officials in Montana imposed mandatory "hoot owl" closures on a number of rivers, including the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark Fork, Big Hole, Jefferson and others. 

Over on Vancouver Island, the B.C. government today issued fishing bans on rivers from Bamfield to Victoria on the west coast, and from Campbell River to Victoria on the east coast. 

Closer to home, we have:

"TUC Concerned About Low Water and Rising Temps" from Trout Unlimited Canada |

"Consideration: Warm Water Angling Restrictions on our Trout Streams" from Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine |

and good advice from Fish Tales Fly Shop as their contribution to this week's "Alberta Fishing Forecast July 2 – 5, 2015" |
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