Monday, March 30, 2015

Bow River Fishing Report - Mar 29 2015

"Thanks to Dennis K. for this fishing report and photos!" - Michelle, Owner/Operator, Bow River Shuttles

Thank you so much for the shuttle today. We did the float from glenmore to fish creek.

What a nice day to spend on the water today. Besides the wind that blew upstream making some sections a bit more work to drift down. There were a couple other boats on the water.

Really slow fishing wise. Had to work really hard to get fish to the boat. A couple on but broke off. Worked all the water with streamers and nymphs. Couldn't hook up anything solid. Still nice to be out on such a beautiful day! All in all a good day

Thank you for your shuttle service. Have never seen my dashboard cleaner!

Looking forward to the next float. Will be calling you soon. :-)

- Dennis K.

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