Monday, September 1, 2014

Balloon Release Averted!

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From Balloons Blow:

Balloons To The Moon had planned to release 1,000 balloons in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. After a few of us politely informed the organizer of the ugly, deadly litter fallen balloons become, he reluctantly canceled the release & pulled down the FB page. We happily posted the "Balloon Release Averted!" right away. 

Unfortunately, his disappointed followers prompted him to revive his plans. So we then posted the mass littering alert here. 

Thankfully, our friends stepped up & emailed the local authority contacts provided & posted on the page. Finally, the organizer once again canceled... this time for good!

Much respect to all our friends who spoke out against this mindless aerial littering. Sometimes it takes just one kind message, sometimes it takes all of us.  

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