Thursday, September 25, 2014

McKinnon Flats road work Day 4

The grader operator drove his unit down from Airdrie this morning.All photos, © Bow River Shuttles

The gravel trucks began arriving this morning, along with the grader.

There were three trucks, with a fourth expected sometime later in the day. We understand that hauling gravel would continue on Friday.

They are using 'belly dump' trucks as opposed to 'end dump' trucks. That's what creates the fairly neat row of gravel down the centre of the road.

We were told that these large trucks were actually having a bit of a challenge coming back up the very steep road, on the gravel that they had just laid down.

We were surprised to learn that they are hauling the gravel in from Beiseker. So the grader operator has a bit of a wait between the trips.

There was also a small crew applying rip rap to the ends of the culverts that were out of our view.

The first round of gravel had been laid out just about to the end of the section of road that can be seen in this photo.

The grader had done some work up the the first corner that had the culvert installed yesterday.

This is a stock photo of a 'belly dump' gravel truck.

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