Friday, September 5, 2014

"Break From Reality" by Morgan Paul - book launching party/pop-up art showcase

"Break From Reality" by Morgan Paul - book launching party/pop-up art showcase

4-6pm. Studio C, 502, 237 - 8 Ave SE, September 5, 2014

Description of “Break from Reality”

"Break from Reality, is an autobiography written by Morgan M. Paul. The book consists of a number of short stories in order from the time he moved out of his parents in 2009 to January 1st 2014.

He describes every serious traumatic event leading up to his hospitalization with a mental illness in 2010 and both negative and positive accounts afterwards. The book was intended as a form of coping and understanding parts of his life that made the deepest impression on him, later realizing that the stories were so bizarre and dangerous that perhaps people would find it to be a very griping dramatic novel.

The book gives insight to people who may have lead more productive and healthier lives, that not everybody has the option or chooses a better, safer path in life. As some stories are very personal and have serious dark undertones of depression and physical danger, you won’t be able to read this book in a place where you can’t laugh out loud.

Morgan M. Paul’s book is somewhat short with only sixty pages before the conclusion but you’ll find each chapter to be as great as the last and will make you want to learn more of his rock n’ roll life style and careless young adulthood.

Be warned, anyone who is naturally squeamish or easily offended, this book might not be for you. Many of the early chapters describe prolonged use of street drugs such as L.S.D, Ecsatcy and Cocaine. chapters filled with physical violence.

Morgan’s careless life style made for one heck of a read."

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