Friday, September 12, 2014

Today along the Bow River - September 2014

Photo, © Bow River Shuttles

An early afternoon Friday float trip about to get underway.

We've noticed that the Highwood River at the Mouth has been steady at around 33 cms all the way through our recent snowy days. The water colour at McKinnon at mid-day today was green.

We spoke to one of our shuttle clients late this afternoon, and they confirmed that the Highwood is not contributing any colour to speak of.

After spiking to 137 cms at midnight, the flow rate on the Bow River at Calgary was back down to 103 cms by 9:00 am this morning. It's now a bit lower at 83 cms.

The road down to Mac early this afternoon was in good shape, having dried out completely. However, it began to rain as we were leaving. When one of our shuttle clients climbed the hill at around 5:00 pm, they encountered a minivan that was stuck just above the second last turn. They got out and successfully pushed the van out. Soooo, the question now is: how quickly will the road dry out tomorrow morning.

The boat launch at 22X/Fish Creek Park is closed. It will reopen on or before Sept 19. (note new date).

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High today 9°C, overcast w/light rain from 2pm-8:30 pm, wind avg 11, max 35.

Bow River at Banff 41 cms
Bow River at Calgary flow 83 cms
Bow River below Carseland 177 cms

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