Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Help is on the way...

Help is on the way...

We received word from ESRD that the department is looking at how they might repair the road down to McKinnon Flats. It would be a pricey project. So securing funding will be the key to the scale and timing of any work. Given its current state, a road closure could be in the offing in the short term.

In the meantime, we would discourage people from attempting to use that road any time there is rain. You'll only make matters worse. And if you slip o
ff what one shuttle client described as 'the goat trail', you won't be getting out of there without a great deal of trouble.

If you doubt my word, have a look at my May 03 report "Stuck in the Mud at Mac" at this link: http://on.fb.me/1jFxcYB

Today, we managed to find the high ground all the way down, for both my shuttle van and the van and trailer that we were moving. (see video above) No bottoming out! And we managed the same feat on the way back up. :-)

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