Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bow River Fishing Report - Thursday May 07, 2014

Dustin S. with Mat D.'s pontoon fly fishing party. Photo, © Bow River Shuttles

Bow River Fishing Report - Thursday May 07, 2014

"Thanks to Matt D. for this fishing report" - Michelle, Owner/Operator, Bow River Shuttles

Thank you for the shuttle yesterday. It was a nice day on the water with five fish to hand and two or three long line releases between the two of us.

Though the water was a little higher than it was a week ago it still had 2-3 feet of visibility. In the afternoon we took one rainbow and one
small brown on wire San Juan Worms and another fish hooked and lost. After a slow spell we managed another rainbow to hand on a leech hung under the indicator - twitching it gently while dead drifting.

We managed two more to hand in the evening when we switched to streamers. A big brown bugger was the ticket that took two more rainbows.

Most fish seemed to still be in some of the deeper overwintering water - but we took a few in shallower choppy holding water.

Lots of midges as usual and some smaller mayfly duns hatching. There was the odd rise here and there especially later in the evening but no consistently rising fish and so we didn't attempt using dries.

- Matt D.

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