Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boat Launch Conditions - McKinnon Flats

All Photos, © Bow River Shuttles

Our first shuttle trip to McKinnon Flats happened yesterday, with more trips earlier today.

The switchback road down to the bottom of the valley is in extremely poor condition. The fact that it is dry, and packed as hard as cement, is the only reason we were able to use it. 

The photos don't really convey the state of the road.  

That rut that I am standing in, beside my van, is at least two feet deep, maybe more.

We placed the camera down at ground level, which makes for an exaggerated view of the rut. But, it’s one way to show the conditions.

My van bottomed out several times on the lumps and bumps, despite creeping down the road at the pace of a turtle.

Vehicles and trailers can now retrieve boats just a few yards downstream of the large gravel bar that resulted from our 2013 flood. 

There is room for two or three vehicles between the remaining slabs of ice. You can see the tracks in the gravel.

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