Monday, May 12, 2014

Dispatches from The Goat Trail

All photos, © Bow River Shuttles. This is near the beginning of the second leg of the switchback, that you can see from the top of the valley

We had a shuttle trip to McKinnon yesterday (Sun May 11). So we got a chance to see the condition of the road up close and personal.

The overall appearance of what can be seen of the road from the top of the valley was the same as we saw last Thursday. It's pretty much a one lane road, with few opportunities for two vehicles to pass by one another. Regular size vehicles, like my van, are at a real disadvantage. However, in a number of spots, even full size trucks would have a problem pulling over.

The worst spot is near the end of the second leg of the switchback. I'm standing in one of the deepest ruts.

Similar to the last time we went down the road, my van bottomed out several times, despite my best efforts.

Until we get another major storm, the road will remain passable.

This is near the end of that second leg.

Same spot as previous photo. My right hand is touching the top of the mud.
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