Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bow River Fishing Report - Thursday, Friday & Saturday July 18, 19 & 20, 2013

Photo, courtesy Eric Mac.

"Thanks to Eric Mac. for this fishing report and great photos!" - Michelle, Owner/Operator, Bow River Shuttles

Hi Michelle,

Thanks again for the shuttle service on July 18 - 20.

We were on the water before sunup each day.

Thursday the water was a bit discolored due to overnight thundershowers and only two fish were hooked on dry stone fly patterns early on.

We switched to streamers after nine and had some success with Bow buggers, clousers landing another 12 fish with as many LDR's.

Four browns, biggest just over 21 inches and the remainder rainbows in the 16 - 18 inch range. All were healthy and feisty although the rainbows were a bit thin post spawn. They more than made up for lack of girth with airborne acrobatics resulting in many spit hooks.

Photo, courtesy Eric Mac.
Friday and Saturday the early morning dry stone action was better but not spectacular. AT least a dozen fish to the net with the majority being browns. Stims, noble Chernobyl's and other foam stone fly patterns in smaller sizes (8, 10) were the ticket when fished close to the bank. Streamers were effective after 10 on Friday. Saturday we fished dry stones all day and even had hook ups just before take out at Mac with 20 landed.

Photo, courtesy Eric Mac.
The river has certainly changed and finding the prime lies was a challenge. The river is wider in spots with many new side (or main) channels and many new gravel bars. The large cliff just downstream of Cottonwood golf course was severely eroded and noticed a large amount of rocks and dirt ( the size of a small car) fall into the water as we passed on the north side. I would recommend caution when floating near there or other large undercut cliffs.

Photo, courtesy Eric Mac.

No significant hatches were observed but we did see a few stones and plenty of shucks. The occasional caddis in the shade but we were off the river by mid afternoon each day.

The Bow is not dead and all fish were healthy and active. It is a new river in many respects and well worth exploring.

I have attached a few snaps but not all fish are CRP (catch, picture, release).


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