Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bow River Fishing Report - Sunday July 28 2013

Photo, courtesy Ken C. "Upstream from Policeman's Flats"

"Thanks to Ken C. for this fishing report and photo!" - Michelle, Owner/Operator, Bow River Shuttles

Our trip started at Fish Crk at 10:00 am and we were off the water at 16:00 at Policemans Flats.

Water clarity was two to three feet.

Fish to the boat 6. All Rainbows, 4 were small under 6 inches, which seems unusual.

2 were 12 inch plus.

Not in the boat and back to the river before the net was out was a 24 in (approx), nice fish!

All fish were close to the shoreline and on the bottom

All trout took a rather large Royal Coachman!

No strikes or touches on leeches or stonefly flies.

River looks great, new channels and great rifts, pools and back eddies.

Photo to follow.

Regards Ken

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