Monday, June 24, 2013

McKinnon Flats - Bow River boat launch - Flood 2013

All photos, Copyright Bow River Shuttles All rights reserved 2013 
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Photos 1 & 2:  McKinnon Flats boat launch area. Main parking lot behind the trees, along the waterfront. Overflow parking lot on this side of the trees, in the forefront of photos. 

Photos 3 & 4:  A couple hundred yards downstream of the parking lots. The McKinnon Family homestead recognition plaque and old machinery display at the very bottom (barely visible) of the May photo, and right at the river's edge in the June photo. 

Photos 5 & 6: Further downstream. The May photo is more of a closeup, and shows a cabin in the trees on river right. The June photo is a wide angle shot, with the cabin still visible in the trees, surrounded by water.

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