Sunday, March 4, 2012

COSIA is born

Executives from the 12 biggest oilsands producers unite Thursday at the Hyatt Regency Calgary to announce the creation of the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. The "overarching collaborative hub" was formed to share information and help advance research and technology to improve environmental practices.
Photograph by: Dean Bicknell , Calgary Herald

On Friday, twelve companies involved in oil sands extraction announced that they are joining forces in what they are calling COSIA – Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance.

They propose to cooperate on strategies dealing with four environmental issues: tailings, land, water and greenhouse gasses.

There was an editorial, “Clearing the Fog” in yesterday’s Calgary Herald as well as an opinion piece “COSIA needs to ‘up its game’ to survive” by Deborah Yedlin.

A related article “Green alliance draws praise” noted that The Pembina Institute and The Nature Conservancy of Canada were in the audience at the news event, and “applauded the goals of the initiative”.

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