Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Tanker Ban: Good or Bad for Canada?

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An important part of the debate over the Northern Gateway Pipeline revolves around the tanker traffic that would be required along our West Cost to move the oil to off shore markets.

Speaking to one side of the argument is the MacDonald-Laurier Institute, which produced a three essay report on March 16, 2012, titled “Making oil and water mix: Oil tanker traffic on Canada’s West Coast”.

They wrote an op-ed piece that appeared last week in the Calgary Herald. “Crowley, Clemens: A ban on tanker traffic would be bad for Canada”.

On the other side of the debate is the Dogwood Institute. They responded to that report in a blog post, saying in part: “All in all, John’s essay serves up little more than platitudes that do nothing for our marine environments or the communities and jobs that depend on them.”

Still with the Dogwood Institute: About a year ago, they produced a video “From Tar Sands to Tankers”, which is inserted below.

Yesterday, a related article appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist “May calls for tanker ban on oil-spill anniversary”.

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