Friday, March 23, 2012

Stonefly Focus & Fly Fishing Photography Part 2

Sun Mar 25 (1:00 pm): Stonefly Focus – Nymphs and Dries

Join Jeff for this session focused on the order of Plecoptera in the insect world; the common stonefly.

Jeff writes: ”since they’re a major food source for our fishy friends across most western streams and rivers they deserve some special attention. We will go over there life cycle as a whole, different species and their habitats. And then most importantly after we understand them, how to imitate them. Hope you can join me!”

Sat Mar 24 (10 am): Fly fishing Photography Part 2 with Lynda McLennan **Special Presentation**

Lynda concludes this two part series by presenting on how to make your fishing photos better with the use of digital alteration.

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