Sunday, June 8, 2014

Commonwealth FFC 2014 - Session 5, Sunday June 8

Photo: Fernworthy Session 5 Group A, courtesy Commonwealth FFC

Commonwealth FFC 2014 - Session 5, Sunday June 8

Fly Fishing Team Canada

Session 5, the final session of this competition, wrapped up at noon today, Sunday June 8.

We won't know the final Individual and Team standings until later today.

However, we did notice that Colin Huff (Team Canada White) placed 1st in Sector III-Siblyback, Session 5!

Mark Feldberg (Team Canada Red) placed 4th, and Jim Iredale (Team Canada Red) placed 4th, in Sector II-Kennick, Session 5

Ian Troupe (Team Canada White) placed 4th in Sector IV-River Dart, Session 5.

Peter Huyghebaert (Team Canada Red) placed 5th in Sector V-Fernworthy, Session 5.

For all Session 5 Sector results, go to:, click on 'Results'

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