Sunday, February 26, 2012

‘Best Film’ of Back Cast Fly Fishing Film Festival 2012

Photo, courtesy Jay Jones (Humble Fisherman)
Photo, courtesy Dave and Amelia Jensen (Jensen Fly Fishing Productions)

I was very pleased to be able to showcase the films from two local, very talented, fly fishing film producers – Jay Jones (The Humble Fisherman) and Dave & Amelia Jensen (Jensen Fly Fishing Productions) yesterday at Cardel Theatre.

'Glacial Bull Trout' from Jay and 'New Zealand Cutthroat' from Dave and Amelia.

Thank you to both for making the big effort that I know was required to put together your respective films.

I sincerely appreciate receiving both of your submissions and I commend you for having the moxie to put your product out in front of the public to be judged.

It was wonderful to see your movies up on the big screen, and it was obvious that the audience very much enjoyed both films.

In fact, the voting resulted in a difference of only a handful of votes between the two… literally.  It was that close. However, when the counting was done, Jay’s total edged out the count for Dave and Amelia.

So, sincere congratulations to Jay Jones and 'Glacial Bull Trout' on achieving ‘Best Film’ of Back Cast Fly Fishing Film Festival 2012!

As Armand announced last night, your cheque will be in the mail. :-)

A great big 'thank you' goes out to all our Back Cast Fly Fishing Film Festival fans who came out to enjoy all of the films, including the two in competition.  Your attendance made this event possible, which in turn, supported my efforts on behalf of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada.

And, last but not least:  Thank you to Cardel Theatre for the use of your wonderful facility, thanks to the “Supporters of Back Cast FFFF” for your donations for the draws, and a special ‘BIG THANKS’ to our “Friends of Back Cast FFFF” for joining us with your displays in the lobby.  Your presence added hugely to creating a true ‘festival atmosphere’ throughout the entire afternoon and evening.

Kindest regards,

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