Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rain gardens help protect Bow River trout

Strips of native Sheep's Fescue grass were laid between the foundation and the rain garden. It doesn't need water, stays green and never needs to be mowed!

Street to Stream - Building Rain Gardens

Help protect the Bow River trout: install a rain garden

Most of our readers will be familiar with the Trout Unlimited Canada Yellow Fish Road program. Since 1991, thousands of Canadians have become leaders in their community by raising awareness about pollution entering local waterbodies through stormdrains.

One way to achieve that goal is to prevent roof rainwater from getting to the street in the first place. That's the purpose of a rain garden. 

In late May, my husband Armand and I volunteered to help build a rain garden on a private property in Inglewood. This project was a joint venture between Cows and Fish - Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society and the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership (ALIDP)

More info:

ALIDP construction process at Inglewood (pdf):

City of Calgary YardSmart - Residential rain gardens:

Leta van Duin (left), Executive Director, Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership (ALIDP) and Michelle Magotiaux, Bow River Shuttles

The final step, which was completed prior to this photo, was to lay down a thick layer of mulch - 3 to 4 inches.

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