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2015 GoPro Mountain Games - Costa 2 Fly (Fishing) X-Stream

2015 GoPro Mountain Games - Costa 2 Fly (Fishing) X-Stream

June 4-7, 2015

Athletes ready for GoPro Mountain Games

by John Laconte, June 4, 2015, Vail Daily

"...While the GoPro Mountain Games offers something different for everyone who attends, for anglers, it’s something really different.

Fly Fishing Team USA member Josh Graffam says he’s really excited about competing in the GoPro Mountain Games this year. Graffam is a regular at the America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament, also held here in Eagle County, but pro fly-fishing events like that one are quite a bit different than the GoPro Mountain Games.

“There’s a couple thousand people, crowds there from all the other events going on, not exactly what we’re used to,” he said.

Graffam said the fly-fishing format, which narrows down competitors in casting competitions held at the International Bridge, makes it highly competitive on the last day when it is narrowed down to the final eight and brought out to a real fishing venue somewhere in the county.

“There’s some good local competitors who come out,” Graffam said.

Among those good locals are Mark Sassi and Michael Pukas, who have been doing drills in preparation for this year’s competition.

“We set up a course in a field to mimic what we’re going to see at the International Bridge,” Sassi said. “When you’re competing against guys on the U.S. Team, you had better have your skills in check...”

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