Friday, October 24, 2014

Thoughts on Criticizing “Grip and Grin” Photos

Photo, courtesy Orvis

Thoughts on Criticizing “Grip and Grin” Photos

Phil Monahan, Orvis News, Oct 23 2014

Because I run a blog and Facebook page that often post “grip and grin” photos, I see a lot of negative comments about the way the person in a photograph is holding the fish. The two most common criticisms are that the person is squeezing the fish or holding the fish with dry hands. We don’t post any images that show a fish on the ground or an angler with his fingers in the fish’s gills or mouth, so I don’t see those kinds of negative comments, which I generally agree with.

I am always amazed by the certainty with which the critic makes his assertions, and I wonder whence comes this absolute sense of rightness. Let’s look at two examples:

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