Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today along the Bow River - October 2014

Photo, © Bow River Shuttles

Drift boaters who were out today made a good decision. The forecast high was 12°C, but it got all the way up to 15°C! We bypassed Police today, but stopped in at all the other boat launches, from Gl
enmore and 22X through to Mac, Legacy and Carseland.

Seasonal temps tomorrow only at 8°C for a high, but all the way up to 17°C for Halloween Friday! And then... don't ask. :-(

#bowriver #flyfishing

High today 15°C, scattered clouds, wind avg 11, max 33.

Bow River at Banff 22 cms
Bow River at Calgary flow 55 cms
Bow River below Carseland 90 cms

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