Friday, August 1, 2014

Bow River Fishing Report - Friday July 25, 2014

Photo, courtesy Kevin S.

Bow River Fishing Report - Friday July 25, 2014

22X/Fish Creek Park to McKinnon Flats

"Thanks to Kevin S & Monty B. for this fishing report" - Michelle, Owner/Operator, Bow River Shuttles

"We set off from the 22x boat launch in a Bow River Drift Boat Rentals Clackacraft on Friday morning about 8:00am.

The sky was overcast and the winds, at least initially, were much lighter than forecast. Water was a blue-green with about 2 to 3 feet of vis.

Very few risers where seen all day and we tried drys, dry-dropper, streamers and nymph rigs but pounding the banks with streamers won the day!

Photo, courtesy Kevin S.

Managed to get 6 fish to the boat with about the same number of LDR's and missed strikes.

The best fish of the day was this 22" Rainbow with the 18" Brown not far behind. Most of the fish came before the lunch break (and most of them Browns) with the afternoon being slow. Pulled in at McKinnon's shortly after 4pm.

Not a stellar day of fishing by Bow River standards but a fantastic float none the less.

Thanks Michelle & Armand"

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