Sunday, November 29, 2015

B.C.'s Elk River a crown-jewel fishery

Ben catches a huge bull trout on our 2015 October trip. Photo, Jim Hoey

B.C.'s Elk River a crown-jewel fishery

by Jim Hoey, Calgary Herald, November 10, 2015

Rarely does a fly fisher find a crown-jewel fishery.

I have been fishing for most of my 43 years, and have fished all over Canada for many years as host of The Dimestore Fishermen TV show. The Elk River in southeastern B.C. is arguably one of the best fly fisheries I have ever fished.

We first covered the fishery on our program in 2001. We met and fished with Darren Servatius, owner and operator of Pro Fish Guiding and Rafting Service. It was mid-July, with a warm sun greeting us every morning to carry us through our days. My good friend Devon and I fished for two days on the river.

Together we caught more than 200 fish on “dry fly.” Fish commonly key on young insects that are emerging from their pupal state in the river — the dry fly technique mimics this. Fly fishers love dry fly fishing, as the thrill of watching a fish rise to the surface of the water to eat a fly is exhilarating. Caddis flies were the choice of the trout on our first sojourn. Our experience in 2001 was remarkable.

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