Sunday, April 27, 2014

'Today along the Bow River' with SAFFL

All Photos, © Bow River Shuttles 

above John Nishi
Actually, this was 'yesterday along the Bow River'. :-) The very first Competition of the recently formed Southern Alberta Fly Fishing League. And those white dots in all the photos are not mayflies... they are snowflakes. The event was organized and overseen by Gary Hanke and his team.

Gary reports: "At the end of the day Jason Doucette took the Gold position with 6 points, John Nishi was Silver with 4 points and Ryan Cook finished with 3 points."

Please go to the SAFFL FB page to read the rest of Gary's report.

All Photos, © Bow River Shuttles
above Ian George

 above Ryan Cook

 above  Jason Doucette

  above  Jason Doucette

Jason Doucette landing the very first fish in the Competition, with Chris Johnston looking on. Gary Hanke said it measured as a 'two pointer"


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