Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bow River Fishing Report - from May 04 2012 (3rd)

Photo, courtesy Mat D.

Friday May 04 2012
5pm - 9:30pm

22X to Policeman's Flats

On Friday it was just two of us; my buddy Andrew and I. It was only Andrew's third time fly fishing and his first time ever floating the bow.

I found the fishing to be average or a little slower than average for this time of year. Fish Creek was quite dirty coming in and the water downstream had about 18 inches to 2 feet of visibility depending on the side of the river.

All hookups occurred in larger, deeper features, it seemed most fish were still in and around their wintering holes. We had five good hookups and three fish to hand.

Dark streamers and red wire (San Juan) worms were most productive for us.

Photo, courtesy Mat D

Two of the three fish to hand were scarred up heavily around their mouths and had scales missing and some old scars on their bodies, reminding us that we all need to be as gentle as possible with these fish to ensure they survive to be caught and to spawn many times again.

Of the fish to hand, two were rainbows and one was a brown. Of the two rainbows caught, one was clearly spawned out.

Overall it was a great first day of 2012 on the river for us!

The first two pictures are of Andrew with his first ever Bow River brown (about 22") and his first ever Bow River rainbow (about 19'')

Thanks a lot for the Shuttle Michelle!


Photo, courtesy Mat D

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